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Have you been feeling empty, stagnant, disengaged? Living your life without passion or sense of purpose? Or have you been living with too much ambition and find it difficult to connect with others, the world surrounding you and with the now? Is everything you do a check list with no room to pause and celebrate the beauty of this moment? Or possibly you move in between these two states, hoping to feel alive again. Well, I have been through both states at different stages of my life.

There was a time where I felt I could change the world, truly believing the world was waiting on me to solve everything through my vision board, goal setting, constant self-critique, getting that promotion and getting that salary. I thought this was what life was about and this is how growth and progress looked. I then moved through a period of complete disengagement, indifference, living on autopilot, expecting the Divine to just navigate while I simply exist. I now realise that in both these states, I wasn’t truly living my life. In the former, I was pushing too hard to not face what life has been called upon me. I have been recently alerted that the future me I was aiming for, was in existence only to make the current me feel inadequate (power to those words Mbali Ndandani!). The latter state was a clear indication of my fear to be vulnerable and engaged out of a lack of trust of what I can bring to the world.

What happened to that child who enjoyed the simple things in life? What happened to that child who was content in their own skin and fully connected to their surroundings? Who taught that child that they were not enough? Who convinced that child that they needed to be someone they weren’t in order to be happy in this world? Who buried that inner light? The people and situations that this child grew to experience drained the light with overwhelming darkness of insecurities, fear and all things loveless. However, whatever light draining experience you encountered, rest in the fact that you were meant to go through in order to make your life richer, more meaningful and full of experience. But now’s the time to take back your light and rediscover your essence.

Do it in the smallest of ways. Miss the days you would walk on the streets and eat amaskopas* or a bag of chips? Take a walk to the shops and do just that. Haven’t listened to your old school jams in a while? Press play. Want to feel connected to the outside world again? Take a stroll in your garden or park and sit on the grass and look up to the glory of the sky. Fall in love with the world again; fall in love with yourself again.

This work is so important because it leads you to your inner peace, and truest self-love that will give you permission to live your most fulfilled life. Life is challenging and if you do not have an internal anchor of who you are, your worth, self-love and acceptance, it will be evermore tumultuous and heartbreaking.

Have the courage and vulnerability to do the inner work required to uncover the love that exists inside of you, inside of each and every one of us. Rediscovering our inner light, our truest essence will lead to a healing and more loving society. Now who wouldn’t want that?

From my soul to yours, with love. Happy self-love month!

Ms Sunshine


*amaskopas: multi-coloured and sugared popcorn

**Image used taken from Pinterest


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