You are not your skin,

your body,

your physical manifestation.

You are not what you can afford,

your job,

your qualification,

your status,

your roles.


You are the essence of the Divine

The same pigment in every tree, plant flower

The same DNA in the playful puppy, ever-present elephant and lovely ladybird

The mystery that keeps the world moving,

the inner light that urges you to seek your meaning,

is in you as it is in every form living.


You are darkness, you are sunshine

You are awareness, you are purpose

You are powerful, you are vulnerable

You are present, you are presence

You are insignificant, you are necessary

You are dichotomy

You are mystery.


It’s easy to be distorted

It’s easy to be influenced

The alluring haziness of materialism is misleading

Misery is intoxicating

The drunkenness of distraction is inviting

It’s not always easy to float into the freedom of your being

But you’re worth it.


Your struggle is beautiful

Your tenacity is bravery

And your triumph is glorious.


Let your essence shine through


From my soul to yours, with Love.


Editors note

This month we recover who we are, who we were always were.

We are also excited to share our new range called Essence. This range is made from striking patterns that are tribal inspired and have a natural feel that reminds us of the beginning of our time as humans. These can be mixed with some beautiful vibrant solid colours as well as colourful prints. Look out for these and more on our social media profiles and in our newsletter.

Much love and light.


All rights Reserved.


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