Our troubles become the foundation for better

The past few weeks have brought some sadness, anger, hurt, trauma and disappointment in our society and world all round. With the Black Lives Matter movement, the killing of George Floyd, Collins Khoza and countless of other inhumane and unjust killings, there is a heavyness in the world. However, this powerful realisation came to the fore amidst it all... we are lucky to be living in these times.

We are lucky because we get the opportunity to play a part in changing the story.
We are lucky to be entrusted to educate and teach the younger generation to be the change.
We are lucky to be afforded the opportunity to introspect and evaluate our role in this mess.
We are lucky to have the opportunity to change our actions for a better future.
We are lucky to be able to start the change in our own spaces.
We are lucky to be able to lead by example.
We are lucky to show the world what it means to stand together for the restoration of love.
We are lucky to have the opportunity to practice true love.
We are lucky to make history.

It is easy to become despondent and powerless but when you remove the blanket of sadness and hate, you are able to see the true beauty of life; the order in the disorder, you are able to regain strength in order to see love. Love which you can infuse in a hopeless place.

Amidst the hurt, anger, sadness and chaos, it is important to take a look at the bigger picture. It may not be the last time we encounter unfavourable situations, but there seems to be an awakening of the world’s soul to the oppression of the disparaged. The disparaged can no longer be unseen and unheard because of all the awakened voices speaking out, all those educating and all those willing to learn. Let us not tire now, let us continue putting in the effort to speak against injustices. 

Let us remember the importance to be an active and proactive participant in creating our future. It is up to you and it is up to me to take the responsibility of shaping our future through our actions today.

How are you going to rewrite our future today?

From a learning soul to yours, with love.


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