Some days you have it all figured out,

other days you lose all grounding.

Some days you love your stride,

other days you walk in shame.

Some days you are effortlessly connected,

other days you aimlessly seek meaning.


Yesterday you were repulsed by your being.

Yesterday you were disappointed in yourself.

Yesterday you wished you took your last breath.

Yesterday you couldn’t live another day.

Yesterday you felt alone.

Yesterday you lost hope.


Tomorrow you will live a happier life.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Tomorrow you will be in control.

Tomorrow you will be perfect.

Tomorrow there will be laughter.

Tomorrow there will be love.

Tomorrow will be glorious.


Today I am breathing

Today I have life

Today I inhale the wondrous scent of air

Today I taste the delicacy of every encounter

Today I feel the warmth of mortality


Today I weep in bountiful gratitude of my existence

Today I stand in awe of my journey

Today I listen to my calling

Today I am enough


Today I rejoice

Today I allow life to embrace me

Today I snuggly fit into the secure arms of the Divine

Today I fall into love

Today I am love


Today is all I have

Today is all I am

Today is everlasting now


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