The Intent

Hi there sunshine!

With Sunburst in its second year, it felt apt to connect with you in a more meaningful way. As you may know, the #consciouscushions are designed with spiritual lessons in mind with the purpose to help you (and myself) get closer to our best selves. And thus, this monthly blog, Daring to Glow delves a bit deeper into the intention of our brand.

Here’s some background… Sunburst was created with a yearning to produce items that bring to light the importance of inner spiritual work. I grew up as a creative child who enjoyed drawing and designing clothes and for a number of practical and contextual reasons I moved away from this form of self-expression. The passion was reborn after a sustained feeling of something missing in my life. At the same time, I was going through some intense growth, learning to get to know myself, accepting what I find out about myself and even more so, learning my true purpose on this earth. This period of my life I have dubbed “the unlearning phase” because I was (and to a large extent, still am) throwing away everything that made sense but did not feel right in my life. Then Sunburst was birthed to marry these two concepts together, my gift of design with my inner spiritual work, all of this with the intention to help others navigate through similar periods.

My journey thus far has been graced by beautiful moments of magic and heart-breaking moments of sadness. Yet, I live everyday believing that life is a beautiful masterpiece and with the hope that all of it is not for nothing. None of our journeys are; if we listen intently into what our lives are presenting us, we all will realise the beauty of them and all the lessons we need to learn from them. My current reality is that I’m a servant of this business, I have a career in marketing in a global corporate, I’m about to marry my best friend, I am a few months away from turning 30, I’m redefining what it means to be a friend, a family member and a lover, I’m living and constantly navigating towards a life that is fulfilling and that utilises all of me (my gifts, my purpose and my love) and I’m living in between the tension of the fear of living this life wholeheartedly and the consequences of not doing so. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I’m pretty sure you are going through some life defining moments too that are not confined by age, life stage, race nor gender. I truly believe wherever you are in your life, it speaks directly to where you are on your spiritual journey, and it comes at different stages in our lives, but it surely does come.

This blog is intended to be an outpouring of authenticity, vulnerable realisations, enriching discussions and of marvelling at the beauty of life. I truly believe that the lessons we are meant to teach are the lessons we ourselves find the hardest to learn. And so I guess in this sense, this is a monthly love letter to myself and also to you, because we are infinitely connected; we have a shared experience and our experience of life is the experience of our current time. So let’s take this bold step and walk it together, purposefully.

With all that said, I plead with you to keep me honest to the intention of the blog. Let’s grow and love together, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

From my soul to yours, with love.

Ms Sunshine


All rights Reserved.


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