To a Glorious Africa Day

Oh the beauty of being an African! We are vibrant, charismatic and our spirit is infectious! We are dynamic and have a variety of cultures, languages, expressive art and food. We are spiritual, warm, loving, giving, inspiring and most of all, purposeful. We are beautiful and today marks a day that we celebrate ourselves.

However, we are not without despair. We are a hurt people. With our history of oppression, we are a people still healing. With healing comes being led astray, leading us to corruption and greed. But our spirit is stronger than that. We are hurt, but we believe in a brighter, more equal and prosperous future. We have heart.

May we recognise that our true selves are still unrealised. We are only at the tip of the iceberg of our fiery power. We are made of mystical magic and the world awaits in envy for it to fully shine through.

Now’s our time to realise a new future for us, a united one, one that raises our voice as a dynamic collective.

We are rising and we are glorious.

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  • Love this reminder of who we are as Africans. Beautifully written.

    V. Mavu

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