What does unlearning feel like?


Unlearning is taking off a heavy coat put on you by someone you don’t know.

Attached to it are years of preconceived ideas of the life you should be living.

A way you should look

a way you should talk

a way you should express yourself

a way to gain others love and approval.


Unlearning is pulling off a pair of tight pants put on by someone you love and trust.

Stitched on these are dreams of who you should be.

Who you will become

the partner you will one day marry

the family you will procreate

the life you will lead

the ladder you will climb

the strides you could make that they were unable.


Unlearning is tearing off a t-shirt you put on.

Printed on it are all the dysfunctional slogans you chant about yourself.

About how you are not enough

about how you will fail if you tried that thing that hasn’t been tried before

about how you HAVE to put off your deepest desires for another year

about how “following your dreams” is for the privileged

about the worry of what will others say if it doesn’t work out.


Truth is, unlearning leaves you bare.

Unlearning gives you the freedom of a new day with the fear of past occurrences and future failures.

Unlearning makes you the most vulnerable because you let go of all that you thought to be true of yourself, the world and your possibilities.

It also makes you the most brave because you have the opportunity to pave your own way and grow into your own truth and endless and boundless possibilities


As scary as it may feel, this is where your journey truly begins

This is where emancipation is and the true warmth of joy arises.

This is where you rise.

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